and then there was yum...

Last summer I hosted my sister’s bridal shower and tried to be the Style Me Pretty/Pinterest board of bride’s dreams. Except I didn’t have time to do a printed invite and hey, it was 2013, nothing wrong with a little emailed gif invite!

Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Tea Sandwiches with Herbed Butter Cream Cheese
Tomato Cheddar Tea Sandwiches
Goat Cheese and Basil Tea Sandwiches
Deviled Eggs
Cheese, Olives and crackers
Fruit & Vegetable Assortment

Red Velvet Cupcakes
Rice Krispies Balls with Chocolate Drizzle
Yellow Cake with Chocolate Fudge frosting
Banana Pudding

Champagne Cocktail with Lemon Sorbet
Berry Sangria

And as a gift to everyone who came, Turtle Graham Bars with M&Ms, Peanut M&Ms in a mason jar with a Balloon tied to it!

Sometimes I cook healthier.

Snap Pea Avocado salad, Sauteed Garlic Lemon Kale, Sauteed Zuchinni, and Soy Garlic Tilapia.

Winter desserts and a birthday cake.

Every year around the holidays, I bake gingerbread cookies to share with the office. But sometimes… my cookies frown, but hopefully they put a smile on my coworkers’ faces.

A birthday cake for M’s 4th birthday!

And a fruit tart because I’ve always wanted to try making one. Some good good, but need a tart baking dish.

I like meat.Slow roasted pork shoulder? I’m about that.

Sorry vegetarians and vegans… But I love a good bloody steak made in a pan of butter. I also like to wrap meatloaf in bacon with bacon bits inside because, why not?

Winter told me to make meat and I did.

Thanksgiving 2013. Because better to post later than never.

Steak. Mashed potatoes. Buttered Corn. Honey and Sweet Potato rolls. Pumpkin Pie. Stuffing. Roasted Squash. And Kimchi. Because no Korean American Thanksgiving is complete without it.


Someone’s getting treats tomorrow… #andthentherewasyum


Someone’s getting treats tomorrow… #andthentherewasyum


Of course I’ve gone missing again, but I haven’t really stopped eating YUMs…

I had a potluck dinner a few… months back with friends with the theme “&”. Lots of good food! 

Mac & Cheese. Salt & Vinegar Kale Mashed Potatoes. Tomato & Feta Salad. (Not photographed: Bread & Butter. Sweet & Sour Cherry  Pie)

Some more foods:

Chocolate Rice Krispies Treats… but really… a S’mores Rice Krispies Treat with a Graham Cracker Bottom, Chocolate Layer, and Marshmallowy Rice Krispies Treat.


The most incredible steak of my life from Peter Luger’s with my fam bam.

A feast our family friend created for us when we were back in Seattle… and this wasn’t even everything.

I made Beef Bourguignon (Julia Childs steez) and ate it.


Some foods my friend E and I ate during Hurricane Sandy.

1. Bacon.
2. Pizza (because pizza is still good cold the next day).
3. Fancy spaghetti that Y made.
4. Eggs fried in bacon fat.
5. Salad with celery, tomatoes, and feta.
6. More Bacon.
7. English muffins with peanut butter and apples. 

We were blessed to not have been hit hard, but a lot of other places were. YOU CAN HELP VOLUNTEER OR DONATE! 

I love Ikea.

I love Ikea.

I love breakfast.