and then there was yum...

The other day I went to a place called Barbuto on Washington and 12th with my friend R.

Hands down, some of the best chicken I’ve ever feasted on. FEAST YOUR EYES ON THIS! It was magical. It’s hard to find tender, juicy chicken. This was so money. The carbonara was good too, but a little too rich for my taste (I took it home and added some veggies and extra noodles to lighten it). But I strongly suggest you go and get the Pollo al Forno. MAGIC.

Also walked along the High Line after to digest a bit. I hadn’t gone to the new part of it yet. It was AWESOME. But it was also really hot and I thought I was going to melt into a puddle so i got a paleta from La Newyorkina! They were around the 28th st part of the High Line when I went. I got the coconut paleta (a paleta is basically a Latin American ice pop that’s often made with fresh fruit). It was the best piece of frozen ice on a stick I’ve ever eaten. It also had some coconut shavings in it, which was a delightful addition of textures. I remember wanting to try a paleta when I saw the episode of Throwdown where Bobby Flay tries to defeat La Paz sisters (owners of Las Paletas in Nashville, TN). He lost. I was happy.

And here’s some pretty pictures of the High Line.